Up-to-date knowledge

Part of the company's operating procedures is to always have current knowledge and experience of the latest techniques and aesthetic principles, constantly evaluating the market then choosing and using the best.

Evidence of this commitment was demonstrated when Nobel Biocare invited Hackney Dental Laboratory to participate in studies of the single tooth implant using the Ceraone System, as well as the Procera System of crown manufacture.

Hackney Dental Laboratory ensures it is abreast of modern technology and armed with the very latest information to meet the changing demands of modern dentistry. The knowledge and capabilities of its employees are constantly updated through recognised training courses and comprehensive in-house training programs.

Competitive pricing

Up-to-date training in all areas of dental technology combined with new and innovative production processes translates to competitive prices for our customers.

For current prices on all of the products supplied by Hackney Dental Laboratory, email your requirements to gbills@adelaide.on.net.