Client satisfaction is of paramount importance, and to ensure this is achieved, Hackney Dental Laboratory uses world class, leading edge technology, equipment and materials.

A supplier to Australian dentists for over 20 years, Hackney Dental Laboratory believes its reputation for excellence has developed as a result of concentrating on the specific areas of crown, bridge and implant manufacture and technology.

Crown and bridge

Manufacture of all forms including:



A summary of the PROCERA® technique

PROCERA® product

PROCERA® is a system which permits the industrial production of prosthetic structures with high precision in biocompatible material. In clinical terms, this means that the patient receives a crown with defined fit made of a material which is biocompatible.

PROCERA® AllCeram is a fully-ceramic dental crown which consists of a coping made of dense-sintered, pure aluminium oxide onto which PROCERA® Porcelain AllCeram has been baked.

PROCERA® AllTitan is the alternative if the dentist/patient wished to use a metal frame made of commercially pure titanium.


CAPTEK is an advanced metallurgic technology that employs capillary action to produce precision fitting copings for all conventional crowns, bridges, inlays and onlays. Benefits include outstanding aesthetics, high biocompatibility, exceptional strength and excellent bond capabilities.

CAPTEK is a composite metal alloy, comprising 88% gold and 9% platinum group metals, exhibiting the colour, workability and nobility of pure gold along with the strength and stability of the platinum/palladium family of cast alloys.

As the CAPTEK coping is fired, molecular particles join to create a three-dimensional network of capillaries, in the same physical phenomenon that brings water from the roots to the leaves of a tree. This highly dense, capillaceous coping is then ready for porcelain application.

belleGlass HP

Hackney Dental Laboratory recommends belleGlass HP as a welcome addition to the indirect composite market. Utilising heat and pressured nitrogen for curing, the physical properties of this micro-hybrid are excellent. Its strength, hardness and lack of wear are indicative of its clinical usefulness.

belleGlass HP is durable, yet kind to opposing dentition. It has reinforcing in its connect fibres and is a material with a superior flexural strength that can be used in situations where composites would not normally be used.

belleGlass HP can be applied to a gold understructure or fabricated directly for crowns, bridges, temporaries, inlays and onlays.


All-ceramic crowns, veneers, inlays and onlays.

With Mirage & Fortress porcelain, Hackney Dental Laboratory can produce the translucence and subtle colour of natural dentition. The fine-grained porcelain 'scatters' reflected light, allowing the restoration to change with existing conditions. The restoration is aesthetically life-like, with a high, flexural strength, and a recommended choice for these increasingly popular cosmetic services.


Branemark System®

Dental prostheses

Manufacture of most types of prosthetic acrylic work

Orthodontic appliances

Gold partial dentures
Hackney Dental Laboratory does not produce chrome cobalt appliances, preferring to sub-contract them to a reliable source.